Scott Varney: Going Where the Groove Takes Him


Come along for the Ride!

Scott Varney picked up the bass at the age of 14. He dabbled in everything from punk & hardcore to funk and jazz. Today, Scott’s musical talents have grown and he’s refined his musical tastes into a singular but hard to define style that draws from a blend of folk, funk and jazz.

Scott’s current solo project is where he has truly found his way. Performing solo since 2002 Scott is making his way from his home in Williamsburg VA to wherever his original sound takes him.

The best way to describe Scott Varney is as a modern day one- man band with the stylings of Victor Wooten, Ani Difranco and Bobby Mcferrin wrapped up into one. Scott has been described by some fans as a “funky version of Jack Johnson”. Scott brings this sound together with his voice, his six string bass guitar, drums, and various percussion instruments. even from time to time One characteristic element of his performance is “Looping” his vocals and instruments to create the sound of a full band with the occasional Beat Box to supplement the beat.

Scott is influenced by a variety of musicians, for example: Victor Wooten, Amos Lee, Martin Sexton, Keller Williams, Michael Franti, Bob Marley, Ani Difranco, Paul Simon, Bobby McFferrin and many, many others. Scott takes his outlook on life and the world around him and lets it shine with his soulful voice, positive lyrics and upbeat sound.

Scott’s ability to improvise allows his music to change from show to show keeping a quiet coffeehouse’s laid-back mood intact as well as setting the dance vibe of larger clubs free. Live shows are popular and he continues to be in demand for venues looking for that Varney vibe. Local music stations have featured him as a live performer and he recorded a CD (The Child’s Eye) with John Morand of Sound of Music Studios in Richmond.

Scott’s sound has been well received at many of the venues he has played. Highlights include sharing the Stage with Allman Brothers Bass Player Oteil Burbridge and his Band the Peacemakers. People young and old and of all different backgrounds are picking up on the SV sound. Scott has performed live on 93.7 the Coast WKOC and on 106.1 The Bob FM WPYA. Both stations based out of Norfolk VA . He has also had his songs aired quite frequently on the stations as well as NPR shows.

Scott released his debut Cd “The Child’s Eye” in the spring of 2004. It contains 10 original tracks recorded at Sound of Music studios in Richmond, VA with Producer/ Engineer John Morand. Morand has also recorded Carbon Leaf, Sparkle Horse, Joan Osborne, Cracker and many other bands and musicians. Scott played all of the instruments on the album i.e six string bass guitar, percussion , vocals and even the occasional mouth trumpet and toy piano. Scotts plans are finally in the works to record his long overdue follow up cd.

Scott’s music is an ever- evolving work in progress and his creativity showing no signs of stopping. Scott is willing to go the distance to play his music for all to experience and enjoy. He brings the beat, the bass and the groove. Come along for the ride!


  1. We love the CD and your music. Keep up the great work!

    • Many thanks :)


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